Q: We bought a new car; who do we call to add it to our existing policy?

A: Your PAI Customer Service representative can quickly add a new car to an existing policy. Call your local PAI office and listen to the phone prompts for auto changes.

Q: We are new to the area and would like a quote on our home/auto/health/life insurance.

A: FREE quotes are available online or from any of our six locations.

Q: What do each of the coverages on my auto policy cover and how do I read the six numbers?

A: Check out our article on Auto Coverage Basics (HYPERLINK TO AUTO INSURANCE PAGE)


Q: I run a small business out of my home, do I need separate business insurance?

A: Either separate business insurance or a business endorsement on your homeowners’ policy is needed. Check with your agent to discuss the best option for you.

Q: When I rent a car, do I need to buy insurance from the rental company?

A: Depends on the state. If the rental is for personal use, not business, your Minnesota personal auto policy usually covers you within the US and Canada. Double check your coverage before you leave for your trip.

Q: If my wallet or purse is stolen, with all of my personal information inside, do I have coverage to protect my financial identity?

A: This is a rising question especially among senior citizens (the main target group). There is coverage available, contact your agent for more information.